NCT in Vermont 2015


If asked why I am in hospital with a fouled up knee, I will relate the following; I was on route to deliver charity to a 35 year old Masonic Widow when a pregnant Moose jumped into the road and caused me to do an unscheduled dismount from my bike.  I’ll leave it to you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Diagnose at the local hospital showed that nothing was broken, I had landed on the ball of the fibula on my left leg.  A bone bruise is not a fun thing!

Root Cause?  Pilot Error.  I was issued a full leg support which in reality is an ancient devise that makes it impossible to flex the knee.  Try walking up stairs with that.






Thank-you Richard Kaminski for the cane which I seem to need several times a month.

I worked on the parking committee up until my disablement.  We had about 90 rigs in from small campers to 45’ motorhomes.  Because our bylaws require Masonic Membership we have a small marketing base to work with.  I hobbled down to the entertainment on Saturday evening.  It was a Gospel Duo which was entertaining and was timed to encourage fellowship during the evening.


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