When it’s Hot, it’s HOT! 2015



90+° is hot when you’re in Northern Vermont.  The cows are all napping and harvesting maple is a 6 month old memory.  We are about 5° warmer than Benson, AZ and it’s dry there!

On our trip up here my freshly overhauled tow bar acted strange.  I the rear view camera, I could see the car wandering side to side.  This cannot be good.

Given my very sore left leg {bike wreck}, I was reluctant to dig into it.  The few RV dealers up here where ready to sell me a new bar at $996.  They do not repair them and have no parts.

Made by Roadmaster, ours is  a Sterling their top of the line unit.  I had put in a small parts kit ($50)to refurbish it while in Connecticut.  If we waited to be at a rally they were represents at, they would have done it for free?  When I DSCN0241disassembled it this morning, I found this broken hairspring which had jammed the works.  A phone call to the Roadmaster factory (Washington State), they are ‘next day’ shipping me replacement parts kit.  The tech was very nice, telling me how to check the function after reassembly.

Anne-Marie went to a ‘Tea’.  Not being invited {Thank the Lord}, I retreated to the air conditioned coach for a nap!

We also tweaked up the silliness quotient a few notches with our parade which was themed ‘The 60’s’. 



Time for dinner, cook’s surprise ??






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