Goodbye Essex Junction 2015

The small repair parts for our Roadmaster tow bar arrived yesterday, in the interest of truth I must admit that when disassembled I found the I had disorientated the spring 2 weeks ago when I cleaned it.  Spring fit was $24, next day (am delivery) was $46.  I had it ready to go by noontime.20150730_152120

Our group is big on Ice Cream socials, Here we see our friend Bob Brown dipping ice cream.  Bob was Club President in 1995.  He took the office after he retired as a Sears & Roebuck Service Tech, do the math!  He could fix anything.  He lived in Southern Connecticut and retired to Colorado when He and Phyllis retired. 

Phyllis went ahead to prepare a place for us several years ago, Bob continued to live and work his 45 acre spot of land.

We are now leaving to go into the area of Thousand Islands, NY, this will be a retread of a vacation the we spent their 20 years ago.

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