Happy Birthday Anne-Marie 2015


Happy Birthday to my bestest friend, Anne-Marie.  In celebration, we had a great lunch at the Free State Brewing Company, their claim to fame is that they were the first Brewery to open in Kansas since the repeal of prohibition.  I had 1 beer, Annie had several waters so I drove home!  The wheat ale I had was very nice and the food was wonderful.

Our other big news is the our number came to the top at the Saguaro Escapee’s Co-op and we choose to lease the lot offered.  It is our starting place in the hierarchy of the membership there.  This give us the right to lease better lots as the become available.  It has a great spot to park our coach on stone, and a large concrete patio.  The casita has A/C but has not been plumbed for water or sewage.  We won’t see in until November or December,we’ve put it in the rental pool until then.  9830740 

I’m in the process of registering our Toyota in South Dakota, our legal domicile will remain in Texas as we vote there and our address will not change.

Grabbed this off the web for my old friends.  These cars (1962 &63) are about 30’ off the starting line, looks like they are dancing!  I sure wish it had sound.


We Moved, 500’! 2015

Not a major trip for sure, we had to change sites because of a dare foul up.  The biggest P.I.A. is our satellite is blocked by trees.   The hidden blessing is that I was forced to use our Jack antenna that I installed about a year a go.  We are getting 40 stations, most from Kansas City about 40 miles away.


 Our friend Gloria Lombard posted this on Face Book.  As we have many Maine Gals in our extended family, I thought I’d share it while I’m still a long ways away!

For our Basset Lovers, I share this.  Look at those paws!







  A view of Clinton Lake from the water inlet on the damn.  The 1 3/4 long damn used 9 million yards of fill.  Construction started in 1970, taking 6 years to complete.  The lake is 8 miles long and covers 9,000 acres.  It has never approached ‘flood stage which would double it’s footprint.


DSCN0312 This is a picture of our new site, we are here through Labor Day weekend.  After that we are going to Albuquerque via Almont, CO where we will hook-up with Charlie & Dawn Boles who are workamping at the national forest at North Bend.

We’re in Kansas Toto ! 2015


No animal were hurt in the processing of this blog!

We spent 3 days on the road, boondocked in 2 Elk’s Lodges where the evening temperatures were in the 60’s allowing us to open the windows at night.  We arrived at Bloomington East C.O.E. park and set-up on Friday.  We have water & 30a.  A reservation snafu (mine)  will require us to change sites next week.  This is not a big deal as we will have to dump by then in ant event.


The small tree you see in a Hedge Apple.  It is said to have the hardest of wood and it’s fruit is very good to repel pesky insects.



We are about 20 miles from Lawrence, KS where we will go for mail and shopping at Wally Mart.


More to come as we explore…

On the road to Topeka 2015

Good day today, about 175 miles landed us at the Elk’s Lodge in Lincoln, IL.  It is very nice having a golf course and a huge ‘T’ shaped pool with life guard (in a discrete 2 piece bathing suit).  Who me? Peak, never!20150819_14384220150819_143920





Other good news; I had a communication with our Balloon Fiesta pilot, Susanna.  This photo shows her flying with her fiancé (?) over Canada.  Plans have been made the we will join up with the Schaffer’s and the Waite’s  for a total of 6 old folks who will help crew.   As in a toboggan run:  No matter how much hurts, you will have fun!


Back in Howe, IN for a few days.

Our 175 mile trip was to say the least, slow! To meandered over 100 miles of very relaxing country 2 lane, spotted with farms (Sunflowers of Corn) and small towns.   We go jammed up in a huge traffic jam that we found out was leading to a NASCAR race at Michigan Intl. Speedway.  A kindly State Trooper went out of his way to rescue us (moving orange cones and stopping traffic)  He than sent us down a side road on a 50 mile bypass which go us back on our route.  All was not lost, there appeared on the horizon a Grill House with a huge parking lot.GreatBend

Soon we were at Grand View Campground, I think this is our 5th visit.  We are here to hookup with our refrigeration guy in Shipshewana, he has ordered a new door seal for us.  I’m sure we will spend a day at the huge flea market before starting on the 976 mile repositioning cruise to Topeka Kansas.

I went to the Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise on Saturday.  The preferred viewing area in in the medium in the center of the road but very poor for pictures due to the crowd & trees.  About 5% of the passing cars were ‘Special Interest’, most were repeats from yesterday’s blog.



What luck, The Elks had a hospitality center (A.K.A. A Bar)  only 2 blocks from where I was sitting, because I was driving I limited myself to two.  The restaurant {Name Unknown} next door was catering, I had a very rare large cheeseburger that was amongst the best I ever had.

Birmingham Cruise 2015

This weekend is the celebration of the history of Woodward Ave. Detroit as one of to big birthplaces of 60’s era hot rodding and Cruising in particular.  Chevrolet has been a prime sponsor for The Woodward Dream Cruise for 23 years.  As a youth in the early 60’s I would read ‘Hot Rod’ magazines,as they featured the latest to cruise Woodward 0814151907

Part of the festivites are Cruise Parades held in several of the small towns along Woodward Ave.  We joined Onora & Dean Smith curbside for the 1 hour event.  I took about 150 pictures which I present for your pleasure.  Be advised, this is a big download.


Visit to Henry Ford 2015

Why Blue Text?  To honor the Ford Motor Company for it’s persistence over 100+ years to push forward a culture of quality and value in their products and services.  We’ve spent the last 2 days touring the Henry Ford (as the museum , Greenfield Village and plant tour are now titled).DSCN0274

We did the plant tour on Monday, this is the historic River Rouge plant which has been building automobiles since it was built in 1918.  The exception being during WW-ll when is was converted to build B-24 Bombers.  A miracle of war time production, that eventually reached production of ‘A Bomber per hour’.   They tour shows 3 movies and a walk around a mezzanine that circumambulates the final assembly area.  We saw F-150 pick-ups being built on a line the moved at about 25 vehicles/hour.

Cameras were not allowed, this quick snap is proof we were there, note how very clean everything is.  I enjoyed watching the robots installing windshields in about 20 seconds.

They had a nice display of cars built in the plant, Mustang had a crowd around it.  I sure would like a ride in the ‘49 Coupe.


On Tuesday we went to Greenfield Village, a major museum & preservation site funded by Ford Motor Company.