St. Lawrence Seaway 2015

We departed Essex Junction on Friday morning after our hook-up ritual and saying good bye to some of the folks we had been sharing company with.  They are long time members, we hope to see them in Herkimer, NY next year.









We are following a route parallel to the St. Lawrence seaway.SLSeaway  Going across Vermont, we took a ferry into New York.  The weather could not have been better! 



We have reserved a week at the 1000 Island’s RV Park which is very nice.  ALL of the state parks that we prefer are full to capacity.On Friday evening, I went to the E.R. Department of Riverside Hospital for evaluation of my leg injury.  Good & Bad news here; My lag is healing well, I have cellulitis.   Symptom:  My leg is warn to the touch similar to sun burn.  Cellulitis is a common bacterial skin infection which must be aggressively treated (Anti-Biotics indicated) and monitored.

We will follow the doctors orders, I have follow-up appointments at the hospital.


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