Still Recuperating 2015

When we arrived at 1000 Islands, We set up the camper and drove right to the E.R. at the local hospital.  The attending doctor gave my leg a through examination, that’s the good news.  The bad news is that I have cellulites. By most accounts I have a very mild case similar to this picture I scooped of the i-net.


The localized pain is similar to sunburn, mine is not red as I bruised in the injury area.   I was given Bactrum, the next day my fever peaked at 102.9°.  I went on Monday for a follow-up.  Today I feel much better.

AS luck would have it, it rained a bit yesterday.  Anne-Marie did laundry and I napped a bit.

We have gone out a few times for food and to walk amongst the souvenir shops.  Anne-Marie scored on a great Bully Dog top, pictures will follow.

The picture below are the view from my treatment room at the hospital.



Map picture

  WE are in Alexandria Bay On the water side of Alexandria Center.



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