Erie, PA Elk’s Lodge 2015

Everything is superlative about the experience we had at Elk’s Lodge #67in Erie, PA.  When we signed in the bar tender gave us our 1st round for free, I had  Yuengling on Draft and Anne-Marie stuck with a lemon in her diet coke.  When I asked what my camping cost was, I was informed the boon docking was free.  Being Friday night, the restaurant was open;  I had Country fried steak (w/red mashed), Anne-Marie had coconut fried shrimp.  Big Meals, Cost? $23.00


Today we will locate at Wayne County Fairground in a suburb of Detroit.  We had planned on a 4 day stay.  During a phone call to my cousin Onora, she told me that next week is the famous Woodward Ave, Cruise.  It is a huge event that started in the 60’s as a result of the Big 3 manufacturers would release their latest Muscle cars {think GTO, Mustang, 409, Roadrunners}.  They encouraged their young engineers to do secret modification and cruise on Friday nights.  Can you tell I’m excited?

Here’s a Google picture from 2014.


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