Visit to Henry Ford 2015

Why Blue Text?  To honor the Ford Motor Company for it’s persistence over 100+ years to push forward a culture of quality and value in their products and services.  We’ve spent the last 2 days touring the Henry Ford (as the museum , Greenfield Village and plant tour are now titled).DSCN0274

We did the plant tour on Monday, this is the historic River Rouge plant which has been building automobiles since it was built in 1918.  The exception being during WW-ll when is was converted to build B-24 Bombers.  A miracle of war time production, that eventually reached production of ‘A Bomber per hour’.   They tour shows 3 movies and a walk around a mezzanine that circumambulates the final assembly area.  We saw F-150 pick-ups being built on a line the moved at about 25 vehicles/hour.

Cameras were not allowed, this quick snap is proof we were there, note how very clean everything is.  I enjoyed watching the robots installing windshields in about 20 seconds.

They had a nice display of cars built in the plant, Mustang had a crowd around it.  I sure would like a ride in the ‘49 Coupe.


On Tuesday we went to Greenfield Village, a major museum & preservation site funded by Ford Motor Company.

2 thoughts on “Visit to Henry Ford 2015

  1. CHarlie says:

    If u enjoyed Ford tour read “The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, ana an epic quest to Arm an America at War” great history book

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