Birmingham Cruise 2015

This weekend is the celebration of the history of Woodward Ave. Detroit as one of to big birthplaces of 60’s era hot rodding and Cruising in particular.  Chevrolet has been a prime sponsor for The Woodward Dream Cruise for 23 years.  As a youth in the early 60’s I would read ‘Hot Rod’ magazines,as they featured the latest to cruise Woodward 0814151907

Part of the festivites are Cruise Parades held in several of the small towns along Woodward Ave.  We joined Onora & Dean Smith curbside for the 1 hour event.  I took about 150 pictures which I present for your pleasure.  Be advised, this is a big download.


One thought on “Birmingham Cruise 2015

  1. CHarlie says:

    Brings back wonderful memmories. How about you? Owned & had a couple of friends that had some of those cars to cruise around in…

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