Back in Howe, IN for a few days.

Our 175 mile trip was to say the least, slow! To meandered over 100 miles of very relaxing country 2 lane, spotted with farms (Sunflowers of Corn) and small towns.   We go jammed up in a huge traffic jam that we found out was leading to a NASCAR race at Michigan Intl. Speedway.  A kindly State Trooper went out of his way to rescue us (moving orange cones and stopping traffic)  He than sent us down a side road on a 50 mile bypass which go us back on our route.  All was not lost, there appeared on the horizon a Grill House with a huge parking lot.GreatBend

Soon we were at Grand View Campground, I think this is our 5th visit.  We are here to hookup with our refrigeration guy in Shipshewana, he has ordered a new door seal for us.  I’m sure we will spend a day at the huge flea market before starting on the 976 mile repositioning cruise to Topeka Kansas.

I went to the Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise on Saturday.  The preferred viewing area in in the medium in the center of the road but very poor for pictures due to the crowd & trees.  About 5% of the passing cars were ‘Special Interest’, most were repeats from yesterday’s blog.



What luck, The Elks had a hospitality center (A.K.A. A Bar)  only 2 blocks from where I was sitting, because I was driving I limited myself to two.  The restaurant {Name Unknown} next door was catering, I had a very rare large cheeseburger that was amongst the best I ever had.

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