We Moved, 500’! 2015

Not a major trip for sure, we had to change sites because of a dare foul up.  The biggest P.I.A. is our satellite is blocked by trees.   The hidden blessing is that I was forced to use our Jack antenna that I installed about a year a go.  We are getting 40 stations, most from Kansas City about 40 miles away.


 Our friend Gloria Lombard posted this on Face Book.  As we have many Maine Gals in our extended family, I thought I’d share it while I’m still a long ways away!

For our Basset Lovers, I share this.  Look at those paws!







  A view of Clinton Lake from the water inlet on the damn.  The 1 3/4 long damn used 9 million yards of fill.  Construction started in 1970, taking 6 years to complete.  The lake is 8 miles long and covers 9,000 acres.  It has never approached ‘flood stage which would double it’s footprint.


DSCN0312 This is a picture of our new site, we are here through Labor Day weekend.  After that we are going to Albuquerque via Almont, CO where we will hook-up with Charlie & Dawn Boles who are workamping at the national forest at North Bend.

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