Happy Birthday Anne-Marie 2015


Happy Birthday to my bestest friend, Anne-Marie.  In celebration, we had a great lunch at the Free State Brewing Company, their claim to fame is that they were the first Brewery to open in Kansas since the repeal of prohibition.  I had 1 beer, Annie had several waters so I drove home!  The wheat ale I had was very nice and the food was wonderful.

Our other big news is the our number came to the top at the Saguaro Escapee’s Co-op and we choose to lease the lot offered.  It is our starting place in the hierarchy of the membership there.  This give us the right to lease better lots as the become available.  It has a great spot to park our coach on stone, and a large concrete patio.  The casita has A/C but has not been plumbed for water or sewage.  We won’t see in until November or December,we’ve put it in the rental pool until then.  9830740 

I’m in the process of registering our Toyota in South Dakota, our legal domicile will remain in Texas as we vote there and our address will not change.

Grabbed this off the web for my old friends.  These cars (1962 &63) are about 30’ off the starting line, looks like they are dancing!  I sure wish it had sound.


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