ABQ arrival for Balloon Fiesta 2015

Typing ‘Albuquerque’ makes my fingers cramp so I will use the airport designation, ABQ.   On Saturday we drove 379 miles from Colorado Rockies to ABQ (that was easy).  The  aspen are in full color, natives tell me the first rain will drop most of them.


We camped next to Charlie & Sue Schaffer at a PA campground about 10 miles from the Balloon Fiesta site.


We were sorry to hear that Charlie Boles damage a tyre on his motorhome while leaving the campground.  He will be staying there for a few days while he awaits his road service’s response.  Mixed blessing, he is in optimunm location to view the lunar eclipse.  Waiting for your photos Charlie!

If you package potatoes chips in Seattle (sea level) they are back filled with nitrogen to preserve freshness.  Ship them to ABQ (+5,000’) and the bag blows up like this! !


More news to follow as we set-up at Balloon Fiesta.

Happy Fall! 2015


Happy Fall to all of our readers.  Those of you in the warmer climates would be amazed to travel through the Northern Colorado Rockies where the Aspens in the valleys have started to drop their golden leaves.

Temperatures dive into the 40’s at night, we are very happy for our various propane heating devices as we have been without electricity or running water in this somewhat primitive campground.

Charlie & Dawn Boles are our hosts, we were joined by Lynn & Mickey Wait last evening.  We went to the delightful ‘Mario’s Pizza’ which was a 20 mile drive.



To locate us, go to North Bend CG

A friend recently sent me this Google Earth view of Dallas,Texas area with the state of Connecticut overlaid on it.



179 Mile Tour 2015


On Friday We toured 179 with Charlie & Dawn Boles (Suffering in our back seat) Up around and over the mountains, valleys and lakes in the area.  They have been camp hosting this summer and know all the back roads and trails.  Trails are 2 categories; 4WD and motorcycle. We do neither, hence use of our mini-car.



Charlie and Dawn holding their cameras means the I took the picture!  Amazing for a cell phone.

8450’ at North Bank CG

We’ve been visiting & exploring with Charlie & Dawn Boles who are the host couple at this small rustic federal Campground.  North Bank CG is about 20 miles from Gunnison, CO, a town big enough but not too big.  They have a funky Wal-Mart with is about 1/2 size.  Most of the photo credits go to Charlie Boles.


The lake in the backround is Mirror lake, the mountain pass we used went to 12,000’.  Our Toyota was not too pleased with that!  Real men wear shorts at 40°, stupid guys too!


Being very close to the tree line, most of the trees are aspens and a little stunted.














Anne-Marie made us a delightful Italian dinner with raviolis, sausage and lamb/beef meatballs.  Did I mention the cheesecake, you can probably see it on me!

We will be leaving for Albuquerque and Balloon Fiesta.  Charlie & Dawn will leave a few days later after they have completed their commitment here.




123 Miles in 1 Day!

123 miles in a day, big deal!  OK, we spent all morning taking a train excursion into the Royal Gorge.  It’s route was next to the Arkansas River with the Gorge being 1,100 feet deep at it’s greatest.  The 24 mille round trip took a little better than 2 hours.


This guy is having a good day as are the rafters, too cold for me!


There was a Stanley Steamer convention in town, I’m thinking there were about a dozen of them.


We went back to the campground and started our 123 mile trip.  Followed this fellow for about 10 miles at 30mph, at least he was having fun!


Than the fun started, we had to climb the 11,000 Monarch Mountain.  This was along winding pull in 2nd gear of our 6 speed.  Up & Down!  I didn’t measure it, must have been 40 miles.  Pictures?  I did not take my sweaty hands off the steering wheel or engine brake control.

We arrived at North Bank CG at about 5:00.  Being a National Forest, the camp site are designed for 24’ campers with no utilities.  Our 38’ rig looks like 6 quarts in a gallon container!


Got down to 40° last night, of course my half of our electric mattress cover decided to die….

Strange Day Today 2015

The sign said ‘114 Miles to Next Service’.  My tank is one half full, there is no problem, right?


There was a sandwich stop after which we had another 77miles for Diesel.  They wanted $2.59/gal, I went another few miles and paid $2.49.

Next suddenly entered Colorado where the landscape changed at Colorado Springs.  We pulled the ‘hill’ leading to our Campground for about 1.2 hour in 3rd gear, about 25mph.  We were rewarded with this view.


Starlite Classic Campground was our stop for the night.  It was unique in the it had several Classic campers that were for rent.  The links tell the story better than I can.11742642_10155867208280387_4415480609915490235_n

Tomorrow we travel 123 mile to North Bank Campground where our friends Charlie & Dawn Boles are Work Kamping for the summer.

I Like Ike 2015



In the middle of Kansas you will find Abilene, a small town with a big man that they are very proud of and rightly so. 

We toured the Eisenhower museum and the home he was raised in.   It took us 3 hours and was time well spent


We unwittingly followed 2 massive blades that are used in the wind turbines that proliferate the country side here.  They are about 150’ long which presents a problem when they need to make a 90° turn at the end of an off ramp.  They have to make a 3 point ‘K’ turn using the opposite ‘on ramp’ and the intersecting highway.  The blue truck shown has just completed his turn.  He will move a few hundred feet down the road, blocking it so the 2nd truck (pointing it’s back end to us) can make his turn.



The silver (2nd) blade has gone up the onramp about 200’ and is now backing out and turning onto the highway.  We followed them right through the center of town.

I’m a hero for backing our 38’ coach into a campsite?  I think not!