Satellite TV & Computer Glitch’s 2015

After seeking council from a respected I.T, source, I decided to exercise my ‘free upgrade’ to Win 10 O.S. from the Win 8.1 that our Toshiba Satellite came with.   It was a long download & installation process.  I spent 2 days playing with it and came away dissatisfied.  For my own reasons, I have no desire to willingly share all my data with Mr. Gates’ monopoly.  To join with the MS community, you have to share contacts, calendars and locations.  I returned to WIN 8.1 today.

How would you like to be driving this and get detoured into a city road system?  Or better still have to back up in a toll booth for about 50 feet?


My other big frustration is that it appears I will not be able to watch The U.S Nationals, the premier drag race held in Indianapolis. this weekend.  I doubt I’ve missed it in 20 years.  When I was forced to move last weekend, we were put in a nice shady spot where my satellite is useless.  The park is at capacity and I cannot find another location at such short notice.  We cannot boondock as were are in the middle of a heat wave and AC is a necessity.


Observant RVer’s will note that I’ve parked the coach AssBackwards on the site, a last attempt to use my satellite.


Lots of truth in this picture.  I had a good run as a ‘middle manager’, great team members supported me to get the job done!

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