I Like Ike 2015



In the middle of Kansas you will find Abilene, a small town with a big man that they are very proud of and rightly so. 

We toured the Eisenhower museum and the home he was raised in.   It took us 3 hours and was time well spent


We unwittingly followed 2 massive blades that are used in the wind turbines that proliferate the country side here.  They are about 150’ long which presents a problem when they need to make a 90° turn at the end of an off ramp.  They have to make a 3 point ‘K’ turn using the opposite ‘on ramp’ and the intersecting highway.  The blue truck shown has just completed his turn.  He will move a few hundred feet down the road, blocking it so the 2nd truck (pointing it’s back end to us) can make his turn.



The silver (2nd) blade has gone up the onramp about 200’ and is now backing out and turning onto the highway.  We followed them right through the center of town.

I’m a hero for backing our 38’ coach into a campsite?  I think not!


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