123 Miles in 1 Day!

123 miles in a day, big deal!  OK, we spent all morning taking a train excursion into the Royal Gorge.  It’s route was next to the Arkansas River with the Gorge being 1,100 feet deep at it’s greatest.  The 24 mille round trip took a little better than 2 hours.


This guy is having a good day as are the rafters, too cold for me!


There was a Stanley Steamer convention in town, I’m thinking there were about a dozen of them.


We went back to the campground and started our 123 mile trip.  Followed this fellow for about 10 miles at 30mph, at least he was having fun!


Than the fun started, we had to climb the 11,000 Monarch Mountain.  This was along winding pull in 2nd gear of our 6 speed.  Up & Down!  I didn’t measure it, must have been 40 miles.  Pictures?  I did not take my sweaty hands off the steering wheel or engine brake control.

We arrived at North Bank CG at about 5:00.  Being a National Forest, the camp site are designed for 24’ campers with no utilities.  Our 38’ rig looks like 6 quarts in a gallon container!


Got down to 40° last night, of course my half of our electric mattress cover decided to die….

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