8450’ at North Bank CG

We’ve been visiting & exploring with Charlie & Dawn Boles who are the host couple at this small rustic federal Campground.  North Bank CG is about 20 miles from Gunnison, CO, a town big enough but not too big.  They have a funky Wal-Mart with is about 1/2 size.  Most of the photo credits go to Charlie Boles.


The lake in the backround is Mirror lake, the mountain pass we used went to 12,000’.  Our Toyota was not too pleased with that!  Real men wear shorts at 40°, stupid guys too!


Being very close to the tree line, most of the trees are aspens and a little stunted.














Anne-Marie made us a delightful Italian dinner with raviolis, sausage and lamb/beef meatballs.  Did I mention the cheesecake, you can probably see it on me!

We will be leaving for Albuquerque and Balloon Fiesta.  Charlie & Dawn will leave a few days later after they have completed their commitment here.




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