ABQ arrival for Balloon Fiesta 2015

Typing ‘Albuquerque’ makes my fingers cramp so I will use the airport designation, ABQ.   On Saturday we drove 379 miles from Colorado Rockies to ABQ (that was easy).  The  aspen are in full color, natives tell me the first rain will drop most of them.


We camped next to Charlie & Sue Schaffer at a PA campground about 10 miles from the Balloon Fiesta site.


We were sorry to hear that Charlie Boles damage a tyre on his motorhome while leaving the campground.  He will be staying there for a few days while he awaits his road service’s response.  Mixed blessing, he is in optimunm location to view the lunar eclipse.  Waiting for your photos Charlie!

If you package potatoes chips in Seattle (sea level) they are back filled with nitrogen to preserve freshness.  Ship them to ABQ (+5,000’) and the bag blows up like this! !


More news to follow as we set-up at Balloon Fiesta.

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