Relocating Again! 2015

Sometimes the Crazy just keeps going on.  We went to Tucson on Friday to meet with my new Cardio-Doctor.  When we returned to the Co-Op, we went to the office to inquire about the taxes on our lot ($109/year!).  Wait there was a notice on the window which advertised the availability of a lot for sale.  It would be a significant up grade at a cost of about $500.  Further inquires revealed the notice had just been posted and the lot would go on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  We were first to ask.

These are the upgrades we will really enjoy;

  • We are on the front row with unobstructed view of the Cochise Redoubt, at sunset it has a great lightshow!
  • We have a washer dryer hook-up.
  • There are 2 small exterior storage area, the one in back contains the washer & dryer.
  • We have plenty of room inside to add a full bath
  • We do have to replace the aging roof.  Asphalt has about a 15 year life here, we will use metal.
  • The small storage on the left in a minimalist’s Man Cave.


Below is a photo of our view, looking East at The Cochise Redoubt.


Below is a screenshot of the Google Map that shows our new location.  Route #50 is about 1/4 miles east of us, out of site due to the landscape.


We like this park and it’s folks so much, we envision our staying here October thru February in the future.  Financially it is a great deal as we will recover the initial cost along with any documented capitol when we opt out of our lease.

Schedule:  We have banking and tax paying issues for Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday afternoon we will start our 450 ride to  Las Vegas {NHRA Drag Race Event} after which we will travel to Puerto Penasco, MX where we are hoping to have our Bounder finally painted.

Fixen Stuff in Benson 2015

If you take to driving your house down the road about 10,000 mils a year, some stuff is going to fall off.  The parts that fail are usually dependent on the quality of the part and the dedication of he who installed it.  Our 12 year old Bounder is no worse and a little better the motorhomes that are now being built.  We fix/repair/replace stuff as it goes.  Most items do not leave us stranded, when they do it is usually expensive.

Our big agenda item this fall is having the coach painted.  To meet that, I have been removing the 15 door latches and painting them black.  Removing & Reinstalling these latches in a 5 minute job ‘by the book.  I think that time would be reasonable to an 18 year old rubber boy who didn’t smoke too many left hand cigarettes.


My time? 3 days!   Most of the work is done in a kneeling position or sitting on a very  low stool.  Each cycle of getting up and down in 15 minutes.  Than there are the interruptions for personal needs, going to several Doctors to join their offices, Happy Hour at 4:00pm (The only relieve my back gets).

Now that they are reinstalled, it is time to change the oil & filter in the generator.  I will attempt this after our return form my 1st visit to my new Cardio Doctor.



Our rugs look new again thanks to a shampoo by ‘Complete Carpet Care’.  I could have rented a Rug Doctor ($30) and I would have done 1/2 the job and saved $30.




The unseasonal rains (We have surpassed the annual expectations) have brought all the bright flowers out, can you find the one in this picture.


Albuquerque to Benson 2015

We left Albuquerque on Monday morning, headed to Benson, Az via Deming, NM.  The road is typical south west, 250 miles of straight, flat and boring.  We passed through Hatch, NM, the home of Hatch Chili Peppers which were being harvested, roasted and sold at several roadside stands.


We were exhausted on arrival at the SKP Park in Deming, we may have had soup for dinner, can’t remember.  The next morning we went to Steer Safe for installation of one of their devices, designed to reduce the need for constant 20151014_103232steering corrections.  I was interested that the industrial area that they are located at was formerly a WW2 bomber flight schools, several large building remain awaiting the desert to reclaim them.


AAF Bombardier School patch, 1943

Activated 15 November 1942. Conducted bombardier training for USAAF Gulf Coast Training Center (later Central Flying Command). The first class of bombardiers graduated on 6 March. In the next three years an estimated 12,000 cadets passed through the Deming Qin school. The bombardier trainer used was the Beech AT-11 Kansan.

Assigned to Second Air Force 16th Bombardment Training Wing on 31 December 1944. Conducted B-29 Superfortress group bombardment training until the end of World War II, when the training program at Deming wound down and was inactivated 18 December 1945. Airfield was closed on 31 January 1946. Eventually discharged to the War Assets Administration (WAA) and sold.  <Quoted from Wikipedia>

We took the opportunity to go 30 miles into Mexico and got our visas for our travels during the next 5 months.  We left Deming at noon time, headed for Benson, 170 miles away.  We had another wonderful lunch at Kranbery’s in Lordstown, NM.  Don’t miss this if you are traveling on Rt-10!

2 exits prior to Benson there was a large fire, a hay truck burnt to the frame while traffic was stopped for 3+ hours.  We arrived at Saguaro SPK Park too late to park, so we boondocked for the night.

Here we are, parked at last.  More news to follow.


Balloon Fiesta Unfinished Business 2015

The Sandia Mountain was named by the Spanish, it’s loose translation is ‘Watermelon’  This photo taken from our motor home is self explanatory I hope.


This outstanding photo was taken by one our newbie members.  Gail was standing inside the balloon as the pilot went hot.  Gail was standing in a small vent, seconds after the warm (not hot) air surrounded her, the balloon rose up leaving her standing on the outside.  Do not try this at home!

Gail Kapusnick

On Thursday, we were most pleased to host Susanna & Luke as our guests at El Pinion, our favorite spot is this general area.  Susanna was our pilot during our 1st Balloon Fiesta.  We were pleased to hear of their future plans to take a contract flying huge commercial balloons in Africa.


Part of our closing day activities was the auction with proceeds to CARE, our groups charity.  Charlie Boles is shown below selling my small air compressor ($38).  The auctions exceeded our expectations of $1.000, we raised $1,800 this year!




Car folks may enjoy the ‘slammed’ mid-50’s G.M.C. pick-up.  It’s a daily driver!

We depart for Deming New Mexico tomorrow for a bit of rest.

Balloon Fiesta Report 2015

I think I’ve mentioned there are a lot of Balloons here.  I’ve taken several hundred pictures, a few of which are arrayed below.  I take most to these pictures while we are on the field crewing.Balloon Fiesta 2015

Although my camera is not best suited to low light conditions, I believe the most spectacular photos are of ‘The Dawn Patrol’.  Take a 4:30am wake-up to get these as our commuting into the mobbed field (requires about a 1 mile walk after the bus).



We didn’t work this morning as our pilots family came into town to work with him.  This resulted in a  full serving of Serendipity for us as the prevailing winds brought about 30 balloons into landing in the field adjacent to our camp site.

Landing at RV Park

Just to add a little excitement to this week, we lost the Charger/Invertor, it has had issues for the last few weeks.  We up-graded to a rather high-end 2,000 watt ‘pure sine’ unit.  It was purchased and installed by Phil & Ann’s RV Repair.  Phil explained our options after he pronounced our 12 year old unit dead.  He allowed me to do the labor intensive control box wiring after which he installed and peaked the new unit.  Phil & Ann follow RVers around the south west and provide top notch service to all.


Our activities are winding down here.  On Monday we will travel to Deming, NM where I hope to have a ‘Steer Safe’ device added to our front end.  Than it will be on to Benson, AZ to stay on our new lot.

Basic Training 2015

We may not be new to this, it is always a good idea to get some retraining, we were up and at it on Saturday at 6:00am.  Luke is our ‘Fan Man’ this morning.  Anne-Maries confusion stems from the fact that this is a different type of set-up.



Hold on to the ropes while we put some fire in there!  Black hat is our pilot today.  You can’t see it, we have a ball of fire about 10’ inside the balloons.  Gail, closest to you is getting a lesson on why you should wear long sleeves!



A new guy on the block!  Huge basket indicates they are a commercial ride.  Soon  it’s time for lunch, Shot Gun Shrimp!