Balloon Fiesta Report 2015

I think I’ve mentioned there are a lot of Balloons here.  I’ve taken several hundred pictures, a few of which are arrayed below.  I take most to these pictures while we are on the field crewing.Balloon Fiesta 2015

Although my camera is not best suited to low light conditions, I believe the most spectacular photos are of ‘The Dawn Patrol’.  Take a 4:30am wake-up to get these as our commuting into the mobbed field (requires about a 1 mile walk after the bus).



We didn’t work this morning as our pilots family came into town to work with him.  This resulted in a  full serving of Serendipity for us as the prevailing winds brought about 30 balloons into landing in the field adjacent to our camp site.

Landing at RV Park

Just to add a little excitement to this week, we lost the Charger/Invertor, it has had issues for the last few weeks.  We up-graded to a rather high-end 2,000 watt ‘pure sine’ unit.  It was purchased and installed by Phil & Ann’s RV Repair.  Phil explained our options after he pronounced our 12 year old unit dead.  He allowed me to do the labor intensive control box wiring after which he installed and peaked the new unit.  Phil & Ann follow RVers around the south west and provide top notch service to all.


Our activities are winding down here.  On Monday we will travel to Deming, NM where I hope to have a ‘Steer Safe’ device added to our front end.  Than it will be on to Benson, AZ to stay on our new lot.

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