Balloon Fiesta Unfinished Business 2015

The Sandia Mountain was named by the Spanish, it’s loose translation is ‘Watermelon’  This photo taken from our motor home is self explanatory I hope.


This outstanding photo was taken by one our newbie members.  Gail was standing inside the balloon as the pilot went hot.  Gail was standing in a small vent, seconds after the warm (not hot) air surrounded her, the balloon rose up leaving her standing on the outside.  Do not try this at home!

Gail Kapusnick

On Thursday, we were most pleased to host Susanna & Luke as our guests at El Pinion, our favorite spot is this general area.  Susanna was our pilot during our 1st Balloon Fiesta.  We were pleased to hear of their future plans to take a contract flying huge commercial balloons in Africa.


Part of our closing day activities was the auction with proceeds to CARE, our groups charity.  Charlie Boles is shown below selling my small air compressor ($38).  The auctions exceeded our expectations of $1.000, we raised $1,800 this year!




Car folks may enjoy the ‘slammed’ mid-50’s G.M.C. pick-up.  It’s a daily driver!

We depart for Deming New Mexico tomorrow for a bit of rest.

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