Albuquerque to Benson 2015

We left Albuquerque on Monday morning, headed to Benson, Az via Deming, NM.  The road is typical south west, 250 miles of straight, flat and boring.  We passed through Hatch, NM, the home of Hatch Chili Peppers which were being harvested, roasted and sold at several roadside stands.


We were exhausted on arrival at the SKP Park in Deming, we may have had soup for dinner, can’t remember.  The next morning we went to Steer Safe for installation of one of their devices, designed to reduce the need for constant 20151014_103232steering corrections.  I was interested that the industrial area that they are located at was formerly a WW2 bomber flight schools, several large building remain awaiting the desert to reclaim them.


AAF Bombardier School patch, 1943

Activated 15 November 1942. Conducted bombardier training for USAAF Gulf Coast Training Center (later Central Flying Command). The first class of bombardiers graduated on 6 March. In the next three years an estimated 12,000 cadets passed through the Deming Qin school. The bombardier trainer used was the Beech AT-11 Kansan.

Assigned to Second Air Force 16th Bombardment Training Wing on 31 December 1944. Conducted B-29 Superfortress group bombardment training until the end of World War II, when the training program at Deming wound down and was inactivated 18 December 1945. Airfield was closed on 31 January 1946. Eventually discharged to the War Assets Administration (WAA) and sold.  <Quoted from Wikipedia>

We took the opportunity to go 30 miles into Mexico and got our visas for our travels during the next 5 months.  We left Deming at noon time, headed for Benson, 170 miles away.  We had another wonderful lunch at Kranbery’s in Lordstown, NM.  Don’t miss this if you are traveling on Rt-10!

2 exits prior to Benson there was a large fire, a hay truck burnt to the frame while traffic was stopped for 3+ hours.  We arrived at Saguaro SPK Park too late to park, so we boondocked for the night.

Here we are, parked at last.  More news to follow.


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