Fixen Stuff in Benson 2015

If you take to driving your house down the road about 10,000 mils a year, some stuff is going to fall off.  The parts that fail are usually dependent on the quality of the part and the dedication of he who installed it.  Our 12 year old Bounder is no worse and a little better the motorhomes that are now being built.  We fix/repair/replace stuff as it goes.  Most items do not leave us stranded, when they do it is usually expensive.

Our big agenda item this fall is having the coach painted.  To meet that, I have been removing the 15 door latches and painting them black.  Removing & Reinstalling these latches in a 5 minute job ‘by the book.  I think that time would be reasonable to an 18 year old rubber boy who didn’t smoke too many left hand cigarettes.


My time? 3 days!   Most of the work is done in a kneeling position or sitting on a very  low stool.  Each cycle of getting up and down in 15 minutes.  Than there are the interruptions for personal needs, going to several Doctors to join their offices, Happy Hour at 4:00pm (The only relieve my back gets).

Now that they are reinstalled, it is time to change the oil & filter in the generator.  I will attempt this after our return form my 1st visit to my new Cardio Doctor.



Our rugs look new again thanks to a shampoo by ‘Complete Carpet Care’.  I could have rented a Rug Doctor ($30) and I would have done 1/2 the job and saved $30.




The unseasonal rains (We have surpassed the annual expectations) have brought all the bright flowers out, can you find the one in this picture.


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