Relocating Again! 2015

Sometimes the Crazy just keeps going on.  We went to Tucson on Friday to meet with my new Cardio-Doctor.  When we returned to the Co-Op, we went to the office to inquire about the taxes on our lot ($109/year!).  Wait there was a notice on the window which advertised the availability of a lot for sale.  It would be a significant up grade at a cost of about $500.  Further inquires revealed the notice had just been posted and the lot would go on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  We were first to ask.

These are the upgrades we will really enjoy;

  • We are on the front row with unobstructed view of the Cochise Redoubt, at sunset it has a great lightshow!
  • We have a washer dryer hook-up.
  • There are 2 small exterior storage area, the one in back contains the washer & dryer.
  • We have plenty of room inside to add a full bath
  • We do have to replace the aging roof.  Asphalt has about a 15 year life here, we will use metal.
  • The small storage on the left in a minimalist’s Man Cave.


Below is a photo of our view, looking East at The Cochise Redoubt.


Below is a screenshot of the Google Map that shows our new location.  Route #50 is about 1/4 miles east of us, out of site due to the landscape.


We like this park and it’s folks so much, we envision our staying here October thru February in the future.  Financially it is a great deal as we will recover the initial cost along with any documented capitol when we opt out of our lease.

Schedule:  We have banking and tax paying issues for Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday afternoon we will start our 450 ride to  Las Vegas {NHRA Drag Race Event} after which we will travel to Puerto Penasco, MX where we are hoping to have our Bounder finally painted.

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