Busted! Charge: ‘Intention to Break Speed law’

Please, read the title to this blog again and let it settle in a bit.

We were pulled over in heavy traffic by a Sonora Policeman and cited for this.   He said that my intentions were clearly to speed through the not too small town of Sonoyta on the border.  For that he was going to sieze my license and escort me to the city offices where I would pay a $500p fine.  He was very polite, we talked to me for a few minutes, I explained that I was nervous about driving our 60’ Coach & Car combo thru the city.  He graciously offered to deliver my fine for me, explaining that he could not give me a receipt.  I’m not to big a fool, $500p changed hands and then he escorted me to the border.  When in Mexico, you are not in America.  You are guilty until proved innocent.


We had the lower 1/2 of the front painted with a texture paint, not unlike a sprayed in bed liner, we hope it will reduce & hide stone chips.20151125_171017

We will be going to a very well organized pot luck turkey dinner with about 250 Escapee’s Members tomorrow.  The tables sit about 18 folks, each table has it’s own Turkey(s) and side dishes, after each person has had a plate from ‘their’ table, you are free to graze at the others.  Very festive and great fun!

Anne-Marie and I hope that you are with folks you love tomorrow too.

We’ll be in Benson, AZ for Turkey Day 2015

.One of my old bosses had saying;  Any task can be made to fit the time available.  When we were quoted the paint job of our coach, it was 7days.  Well, it finishing up on the 21st.  WE will be leaving Puerto Penasco at noon time (Mexican Time) to drive about 170 miles to Benson.

The work done was significant:

  • The coach wash washed to degrease it.
  • The existing decals were removed, 4 men 4 days with single edge razor blades.
  • We moved into a barn as wind was disrupting us.
  • Removing fiberglass imperfections and road rash took a few days.
  • Mask & Prime coat 2 days.
  • Patch imperfections, re-prime and wet sand.
  • 3 coats of color over 100% of coach, minor sanding between coats.
  • 3 Coats of clear.
  • Mask off, paint and clear coat the design work

I have too many pictures of all the work that was done, we were on site 24/7 to oversea the work.

We had the lower 1/3 of the front painted with a textured paint, not unlike spray in bed liner.  It is color code to the body and should help in reducing paint chipping.

BullieI’m being a bull on not revealing our color combination, as we are onroute back to Benson this afternoon I will take some decent pictures.

Remember to turn you scale back 10 pounds tomorrow!

Inside Paint Shop 2015

I’m writing this on Wednesday 11/18 hoping that I can find i-net on Thursday.  We moved the coach into a shed/barn in the barrio this morning.  It was immediacy attacked by 4 men who detail sanded it and started the masking process.  We have decided to live in the coach for a few days as the barn is attached to the owners house.

Detail Sanding and Masking


All of the areas without factor paint are being primed.  One coat of prime covers the decal’s shadows.


While this was going on, Anne-Marie and I went on a quest for shrimp & scallops down at the commercial docks.  There were no scallops, this was compensated for by the$7/pound ginormous shrimp.  There are 3 men in the photo vying for her business.  The fellow in the shadow sold her the shrimp, the fellow in white t-shirt chased us back to the car and sold us a smaller bag for $5.00.


This ‘dune buggy appears to have a late model Chebbie V-8 on board.  He threw to tire off the rim (they run at about 10psi) and had to be towed home.



Please Read 2015

Due to the incessant wind here, we had had to move the coach into a closed shop to do final prep and painting.  Due to this, we will have no i-net until we cross over the border, hopefully Tuesday. 


Thanks for the invitation to your homes for dinner, we have reservations with our 300+ family group in Benson. I for one will be Thankful for continued Health & Happiness in our family and friends.


Remember us,


Pete & Anne-Marie

Miscellaneous Ramblings 2015


Anne-Marie has a new friend; Hank.  Hank weighs about 110 pounds and likes to sleep on the bed.  If Hank come to live with us, where will I sleep?  I’m not too worried, he is happy where he is.


We found Hank when we were doing a beach walk that ended up at Wrecked at the Reef, a pleasant bar & restaurant adjacent to our campground.  Do not pay attention to the mobbed camping shown in their web site, that was boondocking are several years ago.


This is morning we had a sand storm that would do New Mexico proud.  The winds were in the 40 m.p.h. sustained range with gusts well above that.  Photo below was taken at 9:00, the obscured building is a shower house about 100’ away.  I was not too surprised when the painting crew failed to show up.


Painting Milestone 2015

Thanks to all of our friends who joined together and served our country during our time of stress.

After a long negotiating process, we have decided on the 3 colors (Background & 2 Stripes) that we will be using.  With respect to the feminine member of our committee, I will not reveal the color choices until the clear coat has dried!  As you can see below, all of the stripes have been removed.  All evidence of various driver errors is being repaired, thanks to liberal applications of new fiberglass.  Hint: the coach will no longer have a ‘2-tone’ paint job.


20151110_135157Of course we have to eat sometime, yesterday;s treat was lunch at Rosie’s.  It’s a small family style restaurant that attracted my eye during one of our trips.  Anne-Marie is having a Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail.  Imagine if you can a Virgin Mary chock full of shrimp, Veggies with lots of Diced Onions.

My 5 fried shrimp set a new standard of excellence.  Cost?  We’ve spent more for burgers in the states.  When we went outside we found that our car had been wonderfully washed by one of the Street People, our $3 tip made him very happy.

Just prior to this trip, I bought a new Garmin GPS, I just never got comfortable with our Rand McNally unit.  This model #2555 pleases me very much; 1) Sharper screen that is more touch sensitive. 3) Very fast calculations.  4)  Smart phone compatible. 5)  Came preloaded with street level Mexican Street Maps!

When we wander into I-net areas with slow i-net I have great trouble sending out blog notices as my mail list is 50+ folks.  My mail server & software choke and gag.  To remedy this I am setting up a Google Groups account.  This will save my list accounts on the cloud and reduce a great deal of the work sending out this blog.  You may have already gotten a form letter asking you to take part.  Please reply to it in the affirmative.  If you have issues, please contact me off list.

This weekend there is a major Fiesta advertised at the town center, more news to follow.

Painting Page #2, 2015

It’s been very windy the last 3 days, to the point that my satellite dish is not happy.  On top of that it’s has been on the cool at 55° in the morning going up to about 70° in the afternoon.  The 4 man crew works about 5 hours a day, did I mention that this is Mexico?  As of this afternoon, the decals have been removed on one side and the back.  The ‘ghosts’ you see under the driver’s window is the decal adhesive which is scrubbed off with lacquer thinner.


My latest bit of grief came when I attempted to remove the tow bar.  It seems that the previous owner had a 5/8” pin installed with an attached pad lock.  He than went to have the electrical connection installed, they welded the 20151107_164223receptacle so as to interfere with ever thinking of removing the afore mentioned pin.  This is the first time I have had occasion to remove it.  I will try a locksmith and than a man with a torch!

We went to ‘Sam’s Club’ in town this morning.  Anne-Marie was running short on one of her prescription.  No problem, they sell it over the counter (it’s NOT a med one would abuse), the cost was $160p.  Following that,We went to the American Legion for lunch.  Good sandwich, cold beer & right price.

Posting this on Monday as I=net has been running ‘on Mexican time’