Las Vegas for Good or Bad 2015


Happy Halloween to all our followers out there, make sure to check all you candy for signs of hidden booze.

Also, please check with you local demigod authorities on the status of your day light savings status.  We in Arizona don’t have to be concerned, we have snakes to worry about.

We had a rather uneventful trip to Vegas after a slow start because I wanted to change to oil in our diesel genny, it was long past due.  I couldn’t do it as the drain plug was seized, I elected to have it sucked out at a shop in Benson which has been doing various work the I am unable to do.

We boondocked in Quartzite, not bothering to unhook,had a small dinner and fell into bed. 

On Thursday we were bums, reading our Kindles and relaxing at our rig.

Friday was the 1st day of qualifying at the drag strip, we had good seats at 300’ which is my preferred location.  Kudos to the track which had good handy capped parking as well as personalized shuttle which took us to the ‘Will Call’ window and than back to within 100’ of our assigned seat.  My walking ability is becoming a quality of life issue, medical help will happed in February


The silly hat I am wearing is a $5 Safari Hat that is very light, well ventilated and keeps the sun off you neck.  Must have for out door activities in this area.

There was a messy oildown which prompted us to leave the track about a hour early.

At 2:00am on Saturday morning I was awaken by one of my infamous nose bleeds.  There was no stopping it, Anne-Marie woke up at about 3:00 due to all my fussing.

We went (3 miles) to Sunrise Hospital, this a BIG hospital that seemed to be terribly slow in my treatment. They gave me a nose clamp that stopped the bleeding in about an hour, they took bloods and required me to wait for 2 hours while they were analyzed.  It the took the doctor an hour to respond, she pronounced me cured after ordering a fluid replacement that took another hour.  We walked out at 8:00am, exhausted, hungry and just a bit punchy.

Now, for the rest of the story:  We feel asleep and missed the Saturday qualifying, about 30% of our tickets value!

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