Into Mexico Tomorrow 2015

I won’t write much on our time is Las Vegas.  We don’t gamble and party time for us ends at 9:00pm, must be getting old.  We did walk down Fremont St. and realized that all the great buys on steak dinners and $5 buffets have disappeared.  If you want to drop a few hundred at the tables they will comp you to a $30 Prime Rib.  Not my way of winning.

I enjoyed the races, 3 of the national champions were decided in the 2 days we were there.  That was interesting to me and boring to the rest of the world.  I do know a few fellows who would be interested in this grill, I bet you do too.



This tractor may be just the thing you Northerners will want to push the snow this winter. Maybe you shouldn’t use it before 7:00 am!

We left on Tuesday hoping to make 357 miles to Ajo, AZ which would leave us a 120 mile drive to Rocky Point, MX.  We’ll, that didn’t work out.  At 4:00 I called it quits with about 120 miles to go for tomorrow.

Sliding of the exit at Wintersburg, AZ I noticed a group of motorhomes.  There were folks milling about.  It was 4:00, this was more than circumstantial evidence that a happy hour was about to happen! They were a camping club out of the Prescott Elks, we were asked to join them.


There was plenty of food and B.Y.O.B. adult beverages.  Serendipity, just when we needed it!

We will cross the border tomorrow, our phone will work but all the data will be turned off.  We should have i-net down there but you must remember, this is Mexico.

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