Goodbye Ajo, Hello Mexico 2015

Not sure when/if I will post this blog.  The I-net here is very slow, please do not send me jokes or files for a few weeks.  After a casual inspection by the Mexican officials we were sent our way with wishes of a great vacation.  The road to Puerto Penasco (Rt #8) is well marked and a comfortable ride at 50mph.  The predominate feature on the horizon of Puerto Penasco is a large wind generator, at the base of this is a rorory which you got go 270° around.  Following this you will enter the Sandy Beach coDSCN0534mplex, turn right and drive past several miles of condos, the into the campground.

We are camped in one of least desirable sites, about 150’ from the beach.  Why?  Our mission here is to have our motor home painted so we wanted plenty of room around in.

We meet the painting crew and managed to spent about 25% more that our budget, typical of our experiences with the cost of upkeep & maintenance

Last night, we broke our shrimp fasting by going to the of site restaurant. Anne-Marie dined on an appetizer of 5 of the largest shrimp we’ve ever been served, the were sautéed in garlic & butter,  I helped here by eating on, it was a 5 biter!  My dinner was angle hair w/olive oil, garlic, capers, and what seemed to be 1/2 pound of large shrimp.  cost with 2 drinks? $40.  There are plenty more shrimp in our little bay on The Sea of Cortez.


 If this posts, I will be surprised!

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