Painting Page #2, 2015

It’s been very windy the last 3 days, to the point that my satellite dish is not happy.  On top of that it’s has been on the cool at 55° in the morning going up to about 70° in the afternoon.  The 4 man crew works about 5 hours a day, did I mention that this is Mexico?  As of this afternoon, the decals have been removed on one side and the back.  The ‘ghosts’ you see under the driver’s window is the decal adhesive which is scrubbed off with lacquer thinner.


My latest bit of grief came when I attempted to remove the tow bar.  It seems that the previous owner had a 5/8” pin installed with an attached pad lock.  He than went to have the electrical connection installed, they welded the 20151107_164223receptacle so as to interfere with ever thinking of removing the afore mentioned pin.  This is the first time I have had occasion to remove it.  I will try a locksmith and than a man with a torch!

We went to ‘Sam’s Club’ in town this morning.  Anne-Marie was running short on one of her prescription.  No problem, they sell it over the counter (it’s NOT a med one would abuse), the cost was $160p.  Following that,We went to the American Legion for lunch.  Good sandwich, cold beer & right price.

Posting this on Monday as I=net has been running ‘on Mexican time’

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