Painting Milestone 2015

Thanks to all of our friends who joined together and served our country during our time of stress.

After a long negotiating process, we have decided on the 3 colors (Background & 2 Stripes) that we will be using.  With respect to the feminine member of our committee, I will not reveal the color choices until the clear coat has dried!  As you can see below, all of the stripes have been removed.  All evidence of various driver errors is being repaired, thanks to liberal applications of new fiberglass.  Hint: the coach will no longer have a ‘2-tone’ paint job.


20151110_135157Of course we have to eat sometime, yesterday;s treat was lunch at Rosie’s.  It’s a small family style restaurant that attracted my eye during one of our trips.  Anne-Marie is having a Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail.  Imagine if you can a Virgin Mary chock full of shrimp, Veggies with lots of Diced Onions.

My 5 fried shrimp set a new standard of excellence.  Cost?  We’ve spent more for burgers in the states.  When we went outside we found that our car had been wonderfully washed by one of the Street People, our $3 tip made him very happy.

Just prior to this trip, I bought a new Garmin GPS, I just never got comfortable with our Rand McNally unit.  This model #2555 pleases me very much; 1) Sharper screen that is more touch sensitive. 3) Very fast calculations.  4)  Smart phone compatible. 5)  Came preloaded with street level Mexican Street Maps!

When we wander into I-net areas with slow i-net I have great trouble sending out blog notices as my mail list is 50+ folks.  My mail server & software choke and gag.  To remedy this I am setting up a Google Groups account.  This will save my list accounts on the cloud and reduce a great deal of the work sending out this blog.  You may have already gotten a form letter asking you to take part.  Please reply to it in the affirmative.  If you have issues, please contact me off list.

This weekend there is a major Fiesta advertised at the town center, more news to follow.

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