Miscellaneous Ramblings 2015


Anne-Marie has a new friend; Hank.  Hank weighs about 110 pounds and likes to sleep on the bed.  If Hank come to live with us, where will I sleep?  I’m not too worried, he is happy where he is.


We found Hank when we were doing a beach walk that ended up at Wrecked at the Reef, a pleasant bar & restaurant adjacent to our campground.  Do not pay attention to the mobbed camping shown in their web site, that was boondocking are several years ago.


This is morning we had a sand storm that would do New Mexico proud.  The winds were in the 40 m.p.h. sustained range with gusts well above that.  Photo below was taken at 9:00, the obscured building is a shower house about 100’ away.  I was not too surprised when the painting crew failed to show up.


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