Inside Paint Shop 2015

I’m writing this on Wednesday 11/18 hoping that I can find i-net on Thursday.  We moved the coach into a shed/barn in the barrio this morning.  It was immediacy attacked by 4 men who detail sanded it and started the masking process.  We have decided to live in the coach for a few days as the barn is attached to the owners house.

Detail Sanding and Masking


All of the areas without factor paint are being primed.  One coat of prime covers the decal’s shadows.


While this was going on, Anne-Marie and I went on a quest for shrimp & scallops down at the commercial docks.  There were no scallops, this was compensated for by the$7/pound ginormous shrimp.  There are 3 men in the photo vying for her business.  The fellow in the shadow sold her the shrimp, the fellow in white t-shirt chased us back to the car and sold us a smaller bag for $5.00.


This ‘dune buggy appears to have a late model Chebbie V-8 on board.  He threw to tire off the rim (they run at about 10psi) and had to be towed home.



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