We’ll be in Benson, AZ for Turkey Day 2015

.One of my old bosses had saying;  Any task can be made to fit the time available.  When we were quoted the paint job of our coach, it was 7days.  Well, it finishing up on the 21st.  WE will be leaving Puerto Penasco at noon time (Mexican Time) to drive about 170 miles to Benson.

The work done was significant:

  • The coach wash washed to degrease it.
  • The existing decals were removed, 4 men 4 days with single edge razor blades.
  • We moved into a barn as wind was disrupting us.
  • Removing fiberglass imperfections and road rash took a few days.
  • Mask & Prime coat 2 days.
  • Patch imperfections, re-prime and wet sand.
  • 3 coats of color over 100% of coach, minor sanding between coats.
  • 3 Coats of clear.
  • Mask off, paint and clear coat the design work

I have too many pictures of all the work that was done, we were on site 24/7 to oversea the work.

We had the lower 1/3 of the front painted with a textured paint, not unlike spray in bed liner.  It is color code to the body and should help in reducing paint chipping.

BullieI’m being a bull on not revealing our color combination, as we are onroute back to Benson this afternoon I will take some decent pictures.

Remember to turn you scale back 10 pounds tomorrow!

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