Busted! Charge: ‘Intention to Break Speed law’

Please, read the title to this blog again and let it settle in a bit.

We were pulled over in heavy traffic by a Sonora Policeman and cited for this.   He said that my intentions were clearly to speed through the not too small town of Sonoyta on the border.  For that he was going to sieze my license and escort me to the city offices where I would pay a $500p fine.  He was very polite, we talked to me for a few minutes, I explained that I was nervous about driving our 60’ Coach & Car combo thru the city.  He graciously offered to deliver my fine for me, explaining that he could not give me a receipt.  I’m not to big a fool, $500p changed hands and then he escorted me to the border.  When in Mexico, you are not in America.  You are guilty until proved innocent.


We had the lower 1/2 of the front painted with a texture paint, not unlike a sprayed in bed liner, we hope it will reduce & hide stone chips.20151125_171017

We will be going to a very well organized pot luck turkey dinner with about 250 Escapee’s Members tomorrow.  The tables sit about 18 folks, each table has it’s own Turkey(s) and side dishes, after each person has had a plate from ‘their’ table, you are free to graze at the others.  Very festive and great fun!

Anne-Marie and I hope that you are with folks you love tomorrow too.

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