Cellulites Again!

This time it is in my right leg.  I went right down to tiny Benson Hospital and was out the door with a prescription for cephaleexin is about 30 minutes after Dr’s examination.20151212_162446

We had .58” of rain on Wednesday evening, to desert will celebrate by exploding into color is  a few days as this is a huge rainfall out here.

We were visited by good friends Charlie & Dawn Boles.  They are host camping about about 100 miles south of here, we are going to ‘drop into see them’ today.  First I had to get the heavy coats out as they are at 6,000 feet.



12105794_1314441131994150_4567466594433901873_nIf you think this picture if for you, it just might be!



Pete & Anne-Marie

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