Busy Weekend, havin Fun 2015

Sometimes We need a fun weekend.  That’s the path we took this weekend.

Friday Night started with a community carol sing  roaming the park with gaily decorated golf carts and costume.  It followed up with a pot luck which we were unprepared for due to our resent visit to Tucson Hospital.

We did some ‘landscaping’ at the lot, this consisted of Anne-Marie moving pavers.  Saturday evening we went to  a great dance.  The band was The Old School House Band, the were just full of 0’s & 70’s era music.

On Sunday we went to church at   http://straphael.azdiocese.org/visitors/welcome_visitors.html This is a wonderful concept of blending an E.L.C.A. church with an Episcopal congregation to fill the building and bring a greater recourses to

A 100 Mile jaunt for breakfast!



Bisbee is a small eclectic town about 50 mile south of us on RT-80 which meanders threw to hills and desert in the area.  Think ‘P-Town’ or a mini Key West.  One of the big draws is a visit to the Bisbee Breakfast Club.  They will put a smile on your face and fill your belly!

Another major attraction in the area is the now defunct Copper Queen Mine, which was a major copper source from 1870 to 1970, responding o the commercial and military need of that era.

I sure is one big hole in the ground, imagine working here in typical Arizona heat?



Lots of derelict cars parked on side streets, The ‘55 Dodge hardtop would make an unusual & dandy modern cruiser.


We arrive back at camp with just about enough time to go to the Ice Cream Social.  $.50 a scoop and if it’s your birthday month it’s free.  Another win for me!

Pete & Anne-Marie

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