We’re in Kansas Toto ! 2015


No animal were hurt in the processing of this blog!

We spent 3 days on the road, boondocked in 2 Elk’s Lodges where the evening temperatures were in the 60’s allowing us to open the windows at night.  We arrived at Bloomington East C.O.E. park and set-up on Friday.  We have water & 30a.  A reservation snafu (mine)  will require us to change sites next week.  This is not a big deal as we will have to dump by then in ant event.


The small tree you see in a Hedge Apple.  It is said to have the hardest of wood and it’s fruit is very good to repel pesky insects.



We are about 20 miles from Lawrence, KS where we will go for mail and shopping at Wally Mart.


More to come as we explore…

One thought on “We’re in Kansas Toto ! 2015

  1. Charlie schaffer says:

    We had hedge apples around our house growing up, we called them Osage oranges. Dad made a bow for me from a branch of a hedge apple tree. It must have had a 90 lb pull, much too strong for a weeny arm like me; this was not a compound bow like hunters use today. I gave the Osage bow to my grandson, an engineer, as a keepsake from his great grandpa.

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